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Our Values

Consistent with the overall Vision, Mission and Statement of Faith of our team, Impact for Living is guided by the following core values:

  • We believe that every individual is a sacred creation of God with incredible potential, dynamic purposes, unique passions and platforms, and is intentionally created by God for this specific time to leave a singular and lasting legacy of eternal impact that positively changes lives and ultimately lifts Christ and glorifies His Father.
  • To reach our full potential, and fulfill the purposes and meaning we were created to live, each individual should be in, and guided by, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • We demonstrate hearts desiring to honor Christ by living lives of integrity, authenticity, passion and sacrificial service, which also desire to touch a lost and hurting world with the saving message and example of the Gospel and with Christ’s love.
  • We seek to accomplish our mission by using our individual platforms aligned with Christ, guided and empowered by the in-dwelling Holy Spirit, through strategies which are culturally relevant and doctrinally pure.
  • We honor and bring glory to God through relationships characterized by respect, excellence, honesty, trust, loyalty and results.
  • We believe that every individual is a role model to someone and that success in one’s life is directly proportional to one’s willingness to serve and add value to the lives of others and help them succeed in living meaningful, significant and God-honoring, Christ-directed lives.
  • Our desire to have God always smiling down upon us will guide our thoughts, words, decisions and actions.
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