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The response to the 2009 Impact for Living Men’s Conference has been uplifting and gratifying. God clearly had His hand on all that occurred and continues to work in ways we learn of anew each day. We’ve shared below just some of the hundreds of comments from those whose lives were impacted during our weekend together…

“Positively one of the greatest things I’ve ever attended. Never been more blessed. Came away with a feeling of joy I couldn’t put into words. I realized that there is so much more for me to do.”

“If you never do another conference, never write another book… you have fulfilled the Great Commission. Heaven is rejoicing over the souls saved and lives touched this past weekend.”

“I was blessed to be able to attend your two day seminar at Idlewild Baptist Church and must say that I was encouraged by each and every speaker. Furthermore I have been struggling in my life to find a way to determine if I measure up to what God has planned for me. Your seminar has allowed me to view my struggles with a new perspective. I am just a man, I have no particular claim to fame, my name is not a household name but your speakers all made me feel like God knows me as well as he knows any of them. God has a significant plan for me.  One that will bring glory to Him.”

“The Conference was tremendous. You have a life-changing ministry.”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your vision. As a pastor I have such a great burden for godly men to step up to their platform and lead as God has called. Personally the conference was much needed. I thank you for taking a moment on the stage to pray for me. This was the first time in a long time that I had the opportunity to sit back and just allow others to pour into me. What a refreshing time! Your ministry has impacted me and I thank you. I am excited to share with my church the vision that you and the other speakers shared. Again I say thank you and may God bless you.”

“I have been to a hundred conferences, and this is the best one ever.”

“To both of you – Thank you so much for such a great conference. It had it all – laughs, tears, and great spiritual inspiration. Every single one of your speakers and panel members had an impact – and touched the heart. I am certain that nobody in attendance will ever forget their experience this weekend.  I can’t thank you enough – keep up the good work – you are making a real difference in the lives of people that are hungering for something more.”


“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the challenge and encouragement I received this weekend at your conference. Everything was carried out with such excellence, and the message was (is) so important and well delivered. It is clear that you are committed to using your four "P's" in a way that is making a significant Kingdom impact.”  

“Thank you for listening to God when He planted the seed for Impact for Living in your mind.”

“This was one of the best men's conferences I've attended in some time. Practical, sincere, real & on point-- it surely had an impact for many of the men living a life "not as close to Jesus as they want it to be". Thank you!”

“WOW!!! I've been to several Men's Conferences including Promise Keepers, etc. and Impact for Living was Spirit led, Anointed and OUTSTANDING! May God's divine Blessings and favor continue on this necessary Mission in calling forth true Men of Godly integrity in such desperate times as these.“

“I attended your conference at Idlewild last weekend and my blurry purpose just may have a chance of coming into focus. I found [myself] at a conference that for all intent and purposes should have been impossible for me to attend. I am not a football or baseball fan so none of the names intrigued me even though I recognized the names. As I sit here today I know my attending was a God's way to help in building my platform and to introduce me to your ministry. Perhaps…your message of making a difference is what I needed to hear and spur myself on. I know I have a purpose. How I get there is my prayer.”

“Thank you for your roles using your platform to promote the kingdom of God. Your program this weekend has inspired many and it will all be for the glory of God. What an example you all have set as father and son together exhibiting love and strength, I only hope my sons and I can emulate your example.”

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