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Impact for Living offers a variety of seminars that can be tailored to fit your needs. Please contact us to request a particular seminar in your area, for your church, business, educational institution or other group.


Coaches & Sports Executives/Administrators:

The opportunity to influence and change lives for the better has no greater platform than that presented in the world of sports. 

Through powerful sessions by prominent leaders, attendees will be assisted in embracing the lives of significance God intended for them.  In beautiful surroundings, those in attendance will be inspired, challenged and equipped to live, and lead with, lives of impact—personally & professionally—which leaves a legacy of positive impact in their own lives, the lives of their families, those they coach and are entrusted with, and all whom they influence by their example.


Pastors & Church & Ministry Leaders:

It’s not easy being all things to all people, and the truth is—that was not His call on your life when He called you to ministry. 

Through personally and professionally life-transforming sessions, pastors, church and ministry leaders will be inspired and equipped to reorder their priorities to align with God’s; identify their passions, potential and purpose; learn to transform conflict into a friend for positive change; build high impact teams for expanded ministry development; increase the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings, planning and limited time; and to be the leader they were called to be.


Business & Organizational Leaders:

The “bottom-line” that you are searching for—success, fulfillment, authenticity, recognition and happiness—is nearer than you realize. 

These transforming sessions—including team and leadership development; organizational analysis and re-development aligned with the internal vision, mission and values—will explore re-defining your personal, professional and organizational “bottom-line” for increased individual impact, organizational success, and a legacy of positive impact & significance for you and your stakeholders.


Men & Women—spouses, parents and other platforms:

They are the most important relationships in your life—yet often the most difficult, taken-for-granted, painful and disappointing.

Through candid and encouraging sessions presented by dynamic speakers, you will be inspired to embrace the “sacred trusts” given you; to use your platforms of influence to mold lives of significance and success; and to learn to live a life—day-by-day—which leaves an imprint of cherished memories, the impact of changed lives, and a legacy of a better world through your life and those entrusted to you.


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